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An uninspired 1-2 day leaves us yearning for more. This Saturday we believe we have it what is takes, as the Top Trend continues to deliver and comes in 14-0 today. Saturday’s Best System is fabulous 19-2 ATS. Sal from the Left Coast Connection is 11-2 this week, including 4-0 yesterday in all sports and has his best college play.Good Luck.

Soap box moment- I have to my detriment defended Dick Vitale more times than I care to remember. Dicky V used to holler and scream, but he actually knew what he was talking about when finding the finer points of a particular game. Now he is compelled to share his opinions on a variety of subjects, some basketball related, some not. This week he talked about no 6-6 team should be able to play in a bowl game. While in principle I agree with Vitale, having 34 bowl games and even number of games creates issues. Hey Dicky V, why no problem with teams having losing records that make the NCAA tournament because they played well for three or four days?

Free Football System-1) PLAY ON home teams like Texas Tech off one or more straight Overs, who score more than 34 points per game, against a poor defensive team like Baylor (28-34 PPG) after 7 or more games. Since 2004, this system is 19-2 ATS, 90.4 percent and has average winning margin of over 31 points.

Free Football Trend -2) The Rice Owls are 14-0 ATS in home games vs. poor ball control teams, 28 or less possession minutes a game.

Free Football Selection -3) Sal of the LLC has has heated up again and is on the Florida Gators today.

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