College Football Quarterback Battles Bettors Should Follow


Spring football practice and the game is in the books, school is about to let out, but regional interest in college football never wanes. In the south, fishing and boating are popular activities because there is no football to watch or an upcoming game unless you used the DVR to record all of last year’s contests.

Though college football does not have the year-round national following of the NFL, each year the passion seems to grow among the power conferences and the appetite increases.

Of course, nothing gets the juices following like a quarterback competition, where usually the opinion polls fall into two camps, with only the head coach’s opinion the one that counts.

Here is a look at what should be extremely fierce competition come August.

Alabama – Hurts or Tagovailoa

Though nobody expected Nick Saban to name his starting quarterback in the spring, the situation took care of itself when Tua Tagovailoa broke his finger in the first practice of spring. Jalen Hurts did not solidify his spot based on all reports, which sets up fierce competition in August, just the way Saban likes it. Hurts is a known commodity who still needs to develop as a pocket passer, while Tagovailoa can spin it and is less known for working the Crimson Tide offense down after down as a starter. This battle will captivate the SEC.

Clemson – The Talent Runs Deep

Dabo Swinney has learned you can never have too much talent. Injuries and a lot of other factors can occur and the more quality depth you have, the better off you are. That is why incumbent Kelly Bryant has the starting quarterback job for now, but he better not falter. Breathing down his neck are talented players like Hunter Johnson and Chase Brice. Besides this trio, freshman to be Trevor Lawrence drew rave reviews in the spring game. Talk about intense!



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