What College Basketball Teams are Bubblicious?


We are less than three weeks from Selection Sunday and the variable number of bubble teams is almost as large as the number of people commenting on Fergie’s national anthem rendition at the NBA All-Star game.

Arguments can be made coast to coast, who’s in – who’s out. The way this chaotic season has set up, we really will not have most of the answers until the morning of the day the bids are announced. Even then, if long shots are playing for conference championships that Sunday, who knows.

Here is one sports handicapper’s opinion on what to look for and who is best positioned by conference.


After the Top 4 in the ACC, there is a lot of conjecture who makes the NCAA Tournament. Virginia Tech, Louisville, N.C. State, Florida State, and Miami all appear in. One problem, many of these teams are playing each other and the teams with the best four records in the ACC. That could mean one or more clubs could take a tumble and open the door for Syracuse or maybe even Notre Dame if Bonzie Colson returns and the Irish do great in the conference tournament. Most experts have nine or 10 bids from this league, but I would be leery of the Hokies, Cardinals, and Hurricanes at the moment.

Big 12

The most competitive conference in college basketball is eating its own. Most bracket-heads are saying seven or eight bids from this conference and I am on board with the former and not the latter. Sorry, Texas does not belong and Oklahoma might not either except for how they played before the middle of January if the committee considers the Sooners entire season. Otherwise, everyone is in, but here’s a prediction. Nobody in this conference is in the Final Four.



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