Cleveland To LeBron James – Just Come Home


Forget the where’s LeBron James going rhetoric, more and more it appears there are two choices, Los Angeles and Cleveland and the latter is gaining momentum almost daily according to the sportsbooks.

Flashback to 2014, LeBron James was a free agent and while there was wild speculation where he would go, in the end, there were only two teams that mattered. They were Cleveland (where he had started) and Miami (where he just been).

This same exact process has started again, with James going to Houston, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Golden State, Boston or Sacramento (The last was Swinging Johnson’s forecast. Take it easy SJ, that’s a joke.) But as this process has moved along, 5Dimes has lowered James odds of staying in Cleveland from +325 to +300 in the last week. What has changed recently?

Word On The Street and Outside Elements Shaping James’ Future

Though James has remained silent about his future, there are enough supposedly reliable resources that have claimed he’s not thrilled with Houston and is lukewarm to Philadelphia.

In recent days, with Carmelo Anthony keeping the money to stay in Oklahoma City, Paul George is oddly wavering about going to L.A. and might stay in the Sooner State.

If that would end up happening, what would be the reason to go to Los Angeles as compared to staying in Cleveland? The Lakers have some nice young talent, but would hardly be a super team without George even if Kawhi Leonard was traded to L.A.



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