Cleveland Counters and Is A Winner in Bean-Town in Game 2


The Cleveland Cavaliers found out firsthand the Boston Celtics are not the Raptors and so did fellow SBR writer Swinging Johnson. Game 2 will be about adjustments let’s see what the Cavs and Johnson bring.

For the third time in the playoffs, Cleveland was destroyed in the opening quarter and hammered in a game in which they were a participant in name only. By halftime, Cavs fans were going on with their lives and not happy about (similar to Swinging Johnson’s mood), because yard work and chores were supposed to wait.

Despite the enormous blowout, oddsmakers showed a steady hand and the initial NBA odds opened with Cleveland at -1 or a Pick at most sportsbooks, with Boston later listed as a single-digit favorite.

So what do the Cavaliers and do and do they have a chance to even up the series before three days off and a home game?

Cleveland Won’t Panic, But Tyronn Lue Has to Make Adjustments

As LeBron James said after Game 1 loss at home to Indiana by 18, “I’ve done down in The Finals to Golden State 3-1, I’m not about to panic.” If preparation and having your team more ready to play is outcoaching the other guy than Brad Stevens did just that to Cleveland’s Tyronn Lue. It was surgical in nature how the Celtics carved up the Cavs.



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