Can the Washington Huskies or Somebody Else Save the Pac-12?


The Pac-12 Conference. In big-time college sports, especially football, it’s like the family that has four boys in six years and the youngest is not and five years later, by accident, as a girl becomes a part of the family as the newest member.

The Pac-12 has not won a national championship in college football since Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush played together in 2004. And even that is not officially recognized anymore because of some improprieties.

Since we have gone to the Final 4 format in the collegiate game, the Pac-12 has been passed over twice and based on the preseason odds, they could very well miss out again. Here is a look at one sportsbooks odds to win the national championship.

NCAA National Champion  Odds To Win

Alabama              +205

Clemson              +590

Ohio State           +750

Georgia                +850

Michigan              +1400

Oklahoma           +1800

Penn State          +2000

Wisconsin            +2500

Auburn                +2500

Washington        +2600

Michigan State  +3000

Miami Florida     +3500

Florida State       +3500

LSU                     +3600

Texas                  +4000

Notre Dame       +4000

Here are the Top 16 teams and just Washington makes this group from the Pac-12 and they come in 10th. Only the Big 12 has as few as one in the Top 10 (and the Sooners are at least 6th) and they have two in this contingent.



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