Bye Weeks Have Been Easy Money When Betting Hockey


In the continued effort to have players not wear down from a long NHL season, the league instituted a ‘bye week’ this season. While the teams rested, those betting hockey have profited handsomely.

As anyone betting football realizes, bye weeks can have a positive or negative effect on teams. Either they are refreshed and ready to play or they are lethargic and struggle to win or are even upset.		In hockey, if you have been making NHL picks against teams coming off the bye week, you have put together a nice chunk of change as these teams are 4-16 SU (4-12-4). What is the problem and why have the NHLPA and league been talking about this in the last week?

Universally, the players and coaches agree the time off is wonderful, however, the players are not quickly adjusting to the speed of the game and have continually been falling behind early before “finding their legs”.

This falls under the category of in their mind – competitive disadvantage – but let’s face it, beating the NHL odds is hard enough, thus, if we can find the rare edge to exploit, time to do it.

There is already ideas of next season matching teams with the same bye week and having them face each coming out of it. However, that is for next year, let’s see if we can take advantage of current situations with these 10 teams coming off byes.

Dallas Stars: Feb. 19-23

Buffalo Sabres: Feb. 20-24

Columbus Blue Jackets: Feb. 20-24

Vancouver Canucks: Feb. 20-24

San Jose Sharks: Feb. 20-24

St. Louis Blues: Feb. 21-25

Detroit Red Wings: Feb. 22-26

Winnipeg Jets: Feb. 22-26

Minnesota Wild: Feb. 22-26

Anaheim Ducks: Feb. 26 – March 2


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