Breaking News: Golden State Favored To Win NBA Title Against Cleveland


The title of this article was intentionally done to match the silliness of local and national news these days as Golden State is an overwhelming favorite to knock off Cleveland in The Finals again.

In my ongoing war of words with Swinging Johnson here for Point/Counterpoint (of which I have a decisive edge in correct selections, just sayin’), it was my turn to choose and frankly, it is underwhelming.

Sportsbooks like Betonline have Golden State as ginormous -1000 favorites against the NBA odds to win the series (Cleveland +725), which is the largest such Finals figure in at least 16 years (L.A. Lakers -750 over New Jersey) and looking back at various series, maybe ever.

For NBA picks I, of course, took the Warriors. But I’m envious of Swinging Johnson, because he has Cleveland and gets to write fiction and make up cool stuff, while I have the boring old facts to fall back onto, why Golden State is crowned champs again for the third time in four years.

Here are the facts, at least by how I see them.

Cleveland vs. Golden State – Act IV

Golden State has four players, who after retiring could be in the Hall of Fame at some point. Stephen Curry was a bit rusty after a long layoff, but is playing fresh on both ends of the floor at this point and is likely to create more problems than usual for Cleveland with fresher legs.

The Warriors won last year’s title because of Kevin Durant. The Cavaliers did not have anyone to guard him then and they don’t know. As long as he’s a willing passer, he will have ample opportunities to score in this series.



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