Bracketology: Last Look Before Selection Sunday


As Championship Week has moved forward, frankly, it is hard to think any team that does not make the field of 68 has a legitimate complaint, after squandering real opportunities.

This week, several bubble teams were awarded chances to make good on past sins and they failed. Granted the college basketball odds were stacked against them based on who they had to play in some cases, but like life, sometimes you have to make your own way and find a path to success.

As we head into the final days of the conference tournaments and are making our college basketball picks, let’s talk about who should make the field, who will not and how the First Four games are shaping up for Tuesday and Wednesday.

First Four Out (And Other Thoughts)

The lens I use to determine what teams do and don’t make the field is different than the Bracketology guys and even they have varying opinions on who should in or out. If you are Louisville, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Oklahoma State, Arizona State or a couple of Big Ten teams that were on the bubble, you had your chance and did not finish the deal.



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