Big Ten Basketball Betting Dilemma


If you have bet college basketball this season, you are probably aware of all the upsets already this season. At this point, there are no great teams. This opens up the possibility to surprise clubs developing come March. Oh sure, many of the familiar names will improve by that time, yet when looking at North Carolina, Duke, Kansas and Kentucky, all have clearly visible flaws which could be exposed by the right, or in this case wrong opponent.

While I have zero use for ESPN’s Joe Lunardi until the bids are about to come out for March Madness, being a basketball handicapper and sports bettor, I still crave information. I am still very interested in how the conference races shape up and what teams I’m looking at to play on or against on a daily basis.

Last week I talked about the weaknesses in the Pac-12 and I am finding similar aspects about the Big Ten. On major difference, the top-tier teams in the Big Ten are Sweet 16 or better quality. Let’s delve into what to look for.



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