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Betting Against The Public – Money-Maker or Myth?

In our continuing series on sports betting this summer, the next area we will attack is betting against the public. On sponsored TV betting shows, YouTube videos and podcasts, they all have someone claiming the public always loses. Just this...
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Top Seven Keys to Profiting During March Madness

Other then the Super Bowl, there is no other sporting event where people are as prone to wagering on sports. Filling out a bracket is part of the American culture, along with handing over the money to who is running...
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Does Analytics Really Help in Sports Wagering?

Born in the financial sector, just the term - analytics - has spawned an industry in almost every facet of our lives as a more practical viewpoint of analyzing data to make more accurate decisions based on a given market....
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Picking the Stanley Cup winner is hard enough, but trying to break down each game is really a challenge. This would seem like a fairly easy thing to do since as compared to the NBA playoffs, all you have to do is pick the winner and not bother with a point spread. (Unless you like to bet the puck line.)

In the last couple years, it has gotten a lot more complicated and not as easy as it had been before.

In 2014, home ice advantage was immense and those playing at home were 33-16, leading to a good profit if you bet every single game. Even the following year was still profitable as visitors were 18-29 overall.

However, in the past two Stanley Cup Sweet 16 playoffs, just playing almost exclusively home chalk would have forced many bettors to give up wagering on hockey and they had to deliver pizza’s or become an Uber driver to pay off the debt incurred.

Last season home ice was a disadvantage, as those in the home sweaters were 22-26 SU (mostly as favorites). The 2016 April campaign was even worse as the clubs in the visiting white uniforms were 29-20.

What should you as a pucks player be looking for, let’s offer some tips.

Know The Season Series Numbers

As in all postseason play in any sport, head to head matchups matter. Looking at various websites known for covering the NHL in detail can help you find several real edges that you can use on a game by game basis. If one team is mostly dependent on its top line for scoring and their opponent has three lines that can all score, that is information that really matters.

If a team was 4-0 vs. their opponent, but each game was a one-goal outcome, with say two that went to OT, make sure to check the box scores for shots on goal and power play goals.  Conversely, a team that was 3-1, but defeated their foe by at least two goals, might be the stronger play.

Look Into Injuries

Hockey players are known for their toughness, but injuries occur in almost every series. A team could win a series, yet lose two key defensemen and center on the second line before advancing. If you know this, this could place you on the correct side of individual game bets.

Know Your “Fancy Stats”

Most hockey bettors are well aware of goal differentials, goalie saves stats and power play numbers. Where you can create further knowledge that can impact your wagering account is knowing 5-on-5 info (even strength) and the Corsi number (relates directly to puck possession).

If one team is decidedly better at even strength, over the course of a series they are bound to win more games. Next is understanding the value of controlling the puck and firing shots on goal is also very important, as it places more pressure on opposing defenses.

Have the Courage to Back Road Underdogs

With the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs mostly a divisional format these days, the teams that finished second and third in their division will square off. Most years, the difference in points and records is not that significant and this can be a great opportunity to play away underdogs.

If you see a series destined for six or seven games, backing the road dog in the first four contests could be nicely profitable even if you are only 2-2.