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Betting The Ponies Can Be Fun, Just Have a Plan

If you have an opportunity to go to the horse races or prefer to head over to the local off-tracking betting facility, a day to kick back and relax and have a little action is often enjoyable. Horse racing is not as...
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Free Picks and Predictions on Line Moves for Oct. 2

After an 11-6-1 free picks weekend on line moves, we jump ahead to a week. Take a minute to review all the betting trends, our free picks and predictions (362-281-7 long term, 171-130-5 of late) to see what we are...
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How to Win When Betting NFL Preseason Football

Too many football bettors miss a great opportunity to build a bankroll before the start of the NFL season. This writer here at was among that thought that way. However, like trying to figure out everything an i-Phone can do, with...
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Develop An Edge Betting Football With Personal Power Ratings

One of the most common mistakes sports bettors make is letting emotion play too much a factor when betting. One of the biggest problems of betting football is the teams play only once a week. Bettors see their selections often go down...
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Betting Against The Public – Money-Maker or Myth?

In our continuing series on sports betting this summer, the next area we will attack is betting against the public. On sponsored TV betting shows, YouTube videos and podcasts, they all have someone claiming the public always loses. Just this...
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Early College Football Preparation Betting Tips For Upcoming Season

It's June, normal people are thinking about having fun in the summer, their upcoming vacations and every single weekend. But those of us in the sports handicapping field are not normal, not by a long shot. After spending eight months slaving over...
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Top Seven Keys to Profiting During March Madness

Other then the Super Bowl, there is no other sporting event where people are as prone to wagering on sports. Filling out a bracket is part of the American culture, along with handing over the money to who is running...
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Does Analytics Really Help in Sports Wagering?

Born in the financial sector, just the term - analytics - has spawned an industry in almost every facet of our lives as a more practical viewpoint of analyzing data to make more accurate decisions based on a given market....
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