Betting Super Bowl 52’s More Entertaining Props


On the evening of Jan. 25th, a prominent Las Vegas sportsbook released 400 Super Bowl prop bets. With that platform, many other offshore books will build a list of props for bettors to enjoy the big game.

Many others will share their choices for NFL picks on MVP, the quarterback’s passing yards and other game-related options, but we are heading out to the fringes. This is where we find entertainment or those more unusual prop bets to make. These are not designed to bet your paycheck, instead, more along the idea of just having fun, using money you would just blow in some other fun fashion anyways. And besides, you never know, you might even win!

Length of National Anthem – 120 seconds

OVER – 170

Under +140

First, you need to know the time is measured from when the singer starts singing, until they have finished. Musical intro’s and outro’s are not included. Since 1991, the average time of the national anthem has been just over 1 minute and 55 seconds. In fact, the OVER has been the correct pick just one-third of the time, though it has hit three in a row. Let’s call for Pink to end the streak and take the UNDER.

Coin Toss

Heads -105

Tails -105

The ultimate coin flip bet, literally. Take heads, you have a 50 percent chance of being right. Many sportsbooks now offer this – Yes or No, the coin toss winner wins the game? Those NFL odds are -105.




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