Betting Overview of the Central Division: Here Comes Nashville


In a recent article here at, we detailed the brilliance of the St. Louis Blues to start the season and since then they have only supported our observation.

The Blues 13-3-1 start is a franchise record for 17 games and those making NHL picks from the opening game have picked up +8.3 units. What about some of the other teams in the division?

Predators Could Be on the Prowl Again If Offense Picks Up

As expected, Nashville, the Western Conference champions, got off to meandering start. Coming off playing the Stanley Cup Finals before falling to Pittsburgh, teams that lose that series always talk about it seems the season just ended and before you know it training camp starts and you are still feeling the sting of coming up short.

But as of Nov.10th, Nashville is riding a three-game winning streak as its offense could be coming out of lethargy (24 in scoring in NHL). If the offense continues to expand, the Preds could be a solid choice against the NHL odds because at this time they are in the Top 10 in fewest goals allowed, power play percentage and penalty killing.



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