Betting Odds – Will Continuing to Bet Against these Pitchers Remain Profitable?


As we are all aware when it comes to making sense of the betting odds, one year a team is unstoppable and the next year they disappear like Tiger Woods and you wonder what happened.

This can be especially true of starting pitchers who are the basis of generating MLB picks by baseball handicappers.  Take Clayton Kershaw who has been the best pitcher in majors the past three years, yet with only two more starts before the mid-point of the season, the sensational left-hander sits at  5-5 this season for the L.A. Dodgers.

But this is the very nature of sports, climb to the top of the mountain only to slide down the other side, sometimes for a short spell and sometimes for forever.

On this day we will look at some of the worst pitchers to bet on this season and attempt to figure out if they will rebound against the MLB odds the rest of the season or is their fate set and they should only be viewed as play against material or not at all.

Corey Kluber  -14 units, 3-9 record, 3.65 ERA

Cleveland IndiansIf anyone went from the penthouse to the outhouse faster as a Cy Young winner not even half into the next season, that would take some time-consuming research. Kluber allowed six total runs in his first three starts covering 21 2/3 innings, striking out 25 and walking four. However, Cleveland did win any of those contests and it appeared the right-hander began to press in trying to do too much to help his team win and was rocked over his next four starts, which saw his ERA skyrocket from 2.49 to 5.04.

Over his next three outings, Kluber looked like the same hurler as last year in dominating the competition, but has leveled off since. No doubt the lack of run support has hurt him and there still a real sense when watching his body language he’s trying to do too much by making the perfect pitch each time.

At 29 years old, there was nothing to indicated the Alabama native would be as good as he was last year or have as record as poor as this season. Kluber picking up 4-5 units the rest of the way would not be shocker.

Francisco Liriano  -8.7 units, 4-6 record, 3.26 ERA

Once mentoring under Johan Santana in Minnesota, Liriano has endured an assortment of arm and shoulder miseries. Many have thought his career was either done or close to it on more than one occasion but he’s defied the odds each time.





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