Betting Odds – NFL 6-Point Teasers, Consider Playing This Four-Teamer


One year after having the sportsbooks had their best opening week in the NFL ever, they had one of their worst opening Sunday’s in recent memory against the betting odds, and there was a lot of long faces.

This is mostly predicated on favorites winning, which they did to the tune of 8-3 ATS. More importantly, it was who these teams were, in this case public teams like Green Bay, Denver and the New York Jets (based on opponent), along with popular choices like Cincinnati and Miami. Two games went off as Pick’s and the majority of the action was on two teams Kansas City and Buffalo, both winners.

However, in today’s world, the sportsbooks exposure is not just the straight bets, it is the parlay’s and teaser’s what cause problem’s or great joy. When the favorites win, the public will most likely does well, but also it is the ripple effect in which the books have to payout whatever times the wager (example – $100 x parlay and teaser odds, which is almost always at least 2).

As I mentioned last week, teasers have really grown in popularity among all forms of bettors making NFL picks, because you can situate odds in a more favorable position,  with the risk choosing more games to increase your payout for wins. Many football handicappers have jumped in and are more interesting on being on the right side of key numbers, besides just trying to determine winners.

Here are my teaser picks for NFL Week 2 and if you like them, remember, you do not have to play all four and can break them down into smaller segments and has some of the best NFL odds for making these sports picks.

Pittsburgh Pick

The Steelers are hovering around -6, thus when we tease them, downsizing past the key numbers of six and three. Besides that benefit, now Pittsburgh just has to win the game outright over San Francisco, who I believe is at a real scheduling disadvantage.

Pittsburgh SteelersThe 49ers played the late game on Monday, which ended two hours later than your typical Monday ESPN telecast. While it is still early in the season, losing rest still matters and San Fran has to fly across the country to Pittsburgh for a 1:00 pm local time start, which is three hours earlier for the Niners players. Add in the emotion of the first game for San Fran with new head coach and Pittsburgh having not played since last Thursday and there are many reasons to like the Steelers.

Cleveland +6

The Browns went from three or four point favorites to basically a Pick at home against Tennessee. The reasons are varied, one, how good the Titans played with Marcus Mariota in thumping Tampa Bay and the lack of faith bettors have in Johnny Manziel to lead Cleveland to a win as starting quarterback.





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