Betting NHL Hockey Totals – Be Patient and Be Frugal (Especially if Newbie)


For the last five years, when it comes to betting NBA basketball, you have gotten your ass, sorry, rear end kicked. Your betting football, you love college basketball, but you would like to have something else to follow.

You are mildly intrigued by hockey, but you see 31 teams, you don’t follow the sport all that closely, though you do have a team you like, and you wonder how you can possibly even break even, but alone win money.

Plus, you love watching hockey once the Stanley Cup playoffs start and bet the games you like then. So what can do? Read on my puck-friendly pal.

Look Into Hockey Totals

With the NHL season just starting, this is a great opportunity to learn, pick up wisdom and begin preparation.

Because the NHL is more or less every day if your schedule does not allow to do research daily, at least four days a week, they are five or more games, thus, focus your attention on those days. Or whatever works best so you can develop a routine.

One of the aspects betting totals is simplicity because you are dealing limited numbers like 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5 and the occasional 7. This also helps limit your range of thinking like what you might see in college hoops totals.

Step One: Wait (and do research)

Don’t even think about making a totals bet until November 1st. That’s right, you heard correctly. If you are interested in making money betting hockey totals and are not just betting for fun, you have to learn.



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