Betting NFL Football Using 6-Point Teasers


When betting NFL football, one the better tools you can use is six-point teasers as another method to beat the sportsbooks. However, it is important to understand the best mechanics in finding winners.

Betting teasers is not about just trying to get an edge on a particular team, it is finding the right key numbers where many game outcomes land and being in the correct position against the NFL odds. For example, say Carolina is an 8.5-point favorite and with a six-point teaser, you can bet them down to -2.5 on your card, passing thru keys numbers of 7,6 and 3 and place yourself in more advantageous spot.

Because of popularity among those making NFL picks, all legitimate sportsbooks like YouWager offer excellent payouts on teasers. While it is fun on the rare occasion to hit a teaser with eight or more selections, the fact is those are extremely rare. Last year I was correct six 4-team teasers here during last year’s NFL season and those who chose three selections for three-teamer, had the opportunity to collect on six other potential winners.

Let’s get things started with this week’s four picks.

Minnesota +3.5 Teaser Odds

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.comAs I just mentioned, time to begin with basics, with the Vikings we are taking them from a 2.5-point favorite to a +3.5-point road underdog, crossing the important value of the number three. In looking at the game itself, Minnesota has decided edges on both sides of the line of scrimmage in the trenches, which is very important to them, being a run-first team on offense, no matter who plays quarterback and stout against the run and a strong pass rush to fluster Tennessee. Great value here.

N.Y.  Jets +8.5 Teaser Odds

Those betting football like Cincinnati and their deep roster over the New York and pushed the Bengals to -2.5. Here is where we can pounce, with the Jets flying by the +3, +6 and +7. Being able to catch this many points as home underdog in a contest which started as a Pick, would appear to offer a great deal of value. With the Flyboys coming off 10-6 campaign and winners of seven in a row over the Bengals, the Jets look great in this spot.



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