Betting NFL Football Trends to Watch in December


By Marc Lawrence of who has trends to watch in December for those betting NFL football.


Good: Seattle is the best December home club over the years with sterling 35-17 ATS record. In their quest to have no lower than a No.2 seed in the NFC, the Seahawks will face Carolina (12/4) and division rivals Los Angeles (12/15) and Arizona (12/24).

Keep an eye on (Good): NFC champion Carolina is having awful season, but they have performed well in December with 17-7 ATS record and has San Diego (12/11) and Atlanta (12/24) visiting Charlotte.

Cincinnati (38-23 ATS) and Houston (17-10 ATS) have been quite profitable in the final month of the season. Bengals get two shots at improving record, against Philadelphia (12/4) and Pittsburgh (12/18), with the Bengals having back to back contests with Jacksonville (12/18) and Cincy (12/24).

Despite often facing big numbers at Lambeau Field, Green Bay has pounded out 32-19 ATS mark. The Packers will welcome three visitors to the frozen tundra in the Texans (12/4), Seattle (12/11) and Minnesota (12/24).

Lastly, Pittsburgh is 38-23 ATS at Heinz Field and says “hello” the Giants on first Sunday of the month and Baltimore on Christmas.

Keep an eye on (Bad): Cleveland is running out of chances to win a game and is only 13-22 ATS at home and has in-state rival Cincinnati (12/11) and San Diego (12/24) in town in search of a victory.

As good as New Orleans has been in the Dome during the Drew Brees era, they close the season at only 22-35 ATS in the bayou. They will see the Lions (12/4) and Tampa Bay (12/4) not too far from Bourbon Street.

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.comMiami and Oakland have shown great improvement in 2016 and to make the playoffs will have to win this month and do better against the spread. The Dolphins are 24-39 ATS and have only Arizona in south Florida on the 11th. The Raiders are 21-36 ATS and will face Buffalo (12/4) and Indianapolis 20 days later.


Keep an eye on (Good): Carolina is 27-17 ATS as visitors, but given the kind of year they are having, not sure they will better record in the Great Northwest (12/4) or in D.C. on a Monday night (12/19).

Bad: Chicago has been pitiful in the road whites in the final month of the season at sickly 16-35 ATS and catch a break with only one assignment in the Motor City (12/11).

Keep an eye on (Bad): Dallas is having a great campaign and is a noted away squad, just not on December. The Cowboys will be out to change 23-37 ATS mark with trips to Minnesota (12/1) and in New York/Jersey against the Giants (12/11).

Tampa Bay is in the midst of improving and the next step is stepping up on the road in the final month and bettering 19-36 ATS record. The Bucs will have a trio of rugged adventures to San Diego (12/4), Dallas (12/18) and six days later in the Big Easy.

Bay Area brethren Oakland and San Francisco have been dreadful when leaving the home late in the season. The Raiders are 19-34 ATS and will be in Kansas City on the 8th and San Diego on 18th. The 49ers will play all over the place, in Chi-Town (12/4), Atlanta (12/18) and L.A. on Christmas Eve.


Keep an eye on (Good): Seattle is sharp 28-18 ATS when handing out points this month and will be favored the rest of the way with possible exception in Green Bay (12/11).

Bad: Who is the least trusted favorite in December, none other than the Dolphins, who have only left coal in stockings with 22-48 ATS mark. Right now, only a game with the Cardinals on the 11th is a certainty to see them as faves.

Keep an eye on (Bad): With no Tony Romo, Dallas is almost guaranteed to be a better favorite, as he contributed big time to 21-35 ATS record. Home games versus the Buccaneers and Lions will see the Boys as favorites.

If viewing Oakland’s name for bad things is getting boring, just wait, there will be more. Da Raiders are 16-27 ATS when doling out the digits they will against the Bills (12/4) and Colts (12/24) and possibly in San Diego (12/18).


Good: The Panthers have been a high quality money-making 30-14 ATS when receiving points. Ron Rivera’s crew will have a couple chances to improve that record in Seattle (12/4) and at Washington (12/19).

Seattle is tremendous 40-20 ATS, but lone chance is in Packerland on the 11th and that open for discussion.

Keep an eye on (Good): Big Blue is 34-22 ATS as December dogs and might be twice in the Keystone State (Steelers for sure on the 4th, Philly iffy on the 24th).

With Philadelphia floundering, can they better 27-17 ATS mark as underdogs? We will find out, as they will catch points at Baltimore (12/18) and hard to say if they will in division home games versus the Redskins and Giants, on either side of Ravens contest.

Pittsburgh is 18-12 ATS as a pooch, but only possibilities of making record stronger is at Buffalo and Cincinnati in the middle contests of the month. Both are wait and see.

Keep an eye on (Bad): Who is unthinkable 21-40 ATS as underdogs, Da Bears! And after playing the Niners on the first Sunday, they will have chances the rest of season to do even worse.

The Raiders and Rams have something in common besides being vagabond franchises, they stink against the spread as underdogs. Oakland is 23-43 ATS and will be doggone dogs in K.C. on Thursday the 8th and maybe 10 days later where the Chargers still play. L.A. (22-38 ATS) will spend the first portion of the month receiving points before San Fran pays a visit to La-La Land.


Good: Carolina has torn up division foes to the tune of 28-13 ATS and will have second shot at the Falcons (12/24).

Keep an eye on (Good): Hugely disappointing season Arizona and bettering 29-19 ATS record when taking on Seattle on Christmas Eve only matters if they win the game.

Seattle posts a 30-17 ATS divisional mark and has a pair of non-Sunday affairs with the Rams (12/15) and Redbirds (12/24).  One step behind is New England at 30-18 ATS and they will have one more with Gang Green (12/24).

Bad: Miami will have to overcome itself in the AFC East, with 18-36 ATS record and will have to travel to the Jets and Bills in Weeks 15 and 16.

Keep an eye on (Bad): The battling Browns are 10-18 ATS in division action and realistically, their lone remaining shot at a ‘W’ will be home game against the Bengals (12/11) coming of a bye.

The Rams are hardly rambunctious at 20-30 ATS and will be in Coffee Town (12/15) and the Coliseum vs. the 49ers in search of wins and covers.

Thought we would close this out the right way, with Oakland, who is 21-33 ATS in December division battles and as mentioned previously, several times, have the Chiefs and Chargers in Weeks 14 and 15.


Doug Upstone of contributed to this article.



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