Betting Hockey – You Have to Bet Against These Teams


The NHL regular season is winding down and for the most part we know who the best and worst teams are for betting hockey, with everyone else fighting for positioning or to be in Stanley Cup field.

Though the hockey mentality is different than other team sports, after you have played 60+ games and you have no realistic shot of making the postseason, safe to surmise the level of interest is not quite the same as those above you in the standings.

When making NHL picks the rest of season, here are four teams (sometimes in specific situations) that have shown little resolve to play well, let alone competitively. You might have to pay a hefty price on NHL odds, but in the end the money will come your way.

Colorado Avalanche (17-43 SU)		Sitting with impossible to imagine 37 points (as of 2/26), Colorado is beyond dreadful both home and away. Because they are losing by almost 1.2 goals a game on average, taking the other team on the puck line (-1.5) has to be addressed for each selection. A truly pathetic team.

Arizona Coyotes (8-22 SU away)

If veteran Shane Doan was not on Coyotes, they would move down from the middle of pack in average age. Most of the key players for this franchise have a great deal of youth and it shows up time and again on the road, along with the lack speed from the vets.

Dallas Stars (7-22 SU away)

As opposed to Arizona, Dallas cannot play the youth card for their abysmal road record. Not even one year after being the top seed in the Western Conference, a reduction in offense has allowed the Stars warts to really stand out, particularly away from home.

Carolina Panthers ( 7-22 SU away)

Carolina is the worst team in the East, playing just brutal hockey on the visiting sweaters. Here is the weird part, the Panthers have the fifth-best home record in their conference. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde!


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