Betting Experts Talk Immediate Impact From NFL Draft


While all the draft experts focus on where and when certain players were taken and give their opinion how teams did overall, football bettors who wager large amounts of money view things differently.

They look at the draft and try to calculate what impact individual players may have on team’s this season, which can help them win more bets and money.

These are bettors I speak to regularly and none of them wants or enjoys the spotlight. They prefer to toil behind the scenes and have a low profile. I asked them to help me out with this article and they agreed to so, as long as I use their first name only, which I agreed to.

Larry’s been a professional gambler for almost 15 years and he loved what Atlanta did in taking WR Calvin Ridley in the first round. “The Falcons had other needs they could have addressed in the first round. Taking Ridley was genius. Having him as the third option in the offense with Julio Jones and  Mohamad Sanu, are you kidding me! This helps Matt Ryan immensely and helps make up for the shortcomings of (Steve) Sarkisian as a play-caller.”

Sal has over 30 years as a pro gambler and is of the opinion Denver placed itself right back into contention to win the AFC West. “Though (Case) Keenum was not bit a draft pick, he’s like one. The Broncos and Minnesota are built in similar fashion, defense and a balanced offense reliant on the run. That fits Keenum’s skill set. (Bradley) Chubb is the perfect complement to Von Miller. I’m high on both their other top defensive picks DB (Isaac) Yiadom and LB (Josey) Jewell, who will contribute from the start. And watch for that Oregon running back, Royce Freeman, to generate a load of big plays.”



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