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Football coaches and their teams have tendencies. That is why many of them scout themselves to make sure they are not always predictable. They still have their favorite plays they like to call in particular situations or dial-up a blitz in certain down and distance, but by and large, they will look to mix it when possible.

For college football bettors, it can pay handsomely to know how certain coach’s teams do in different situations. Are their squads more aggressive on the road than at home? Do they play better as underdogs compared to when they are favorites?

Knowing this information is invaluable when determining what side of a game you should be on.

Instead of having to do all the work, we have mapped out the best and worst coaches when they are home, away, favorites or underdogs. If you are serious about college football betting this season, save the link to this page for the season.

Best/Worst Bets – Home Games

  1. Snyder, Kansas State – 90-50 ATS
  2. Clark, UAB – 7-2 ATS
  3. Fuentes, Virg. Tech – 7-3 ATS
  4. Bowden, Akron – 10-19 ATS
  5. Neu, Ball State – 2-7 ATS
  6. Jinks, Bowling Green – 1-8 ATS
  7. Smith, Illinois – 3-10 ATS
  8. Sanchez, UNLV – 5-10 ATS
  9. Carey, NIU – 7-14 ATS

Most head coaches don’t last on one place for 140 games, let alone be listed as a favorite that long. Kansas State’s Bill Snyder might be 27 years older than Gatorade, but the old coach has stuffed plenty of wagering accounts with cash in this role. Bill Clark has done a remarkable job at UAB after the school closed the football program. Justin Fuentes has a good home field edge at Memphis and he’s continuing it in Blacksburg. Intestering to see four MAC coaches not being able to protect the home field.



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