Betting Baseball,Colorado Too Inviting an Underdog at Wrigley Sunday


For Chicago Cubs fans, it has not been what they have been looking for in this four-game series against Colorado. After a 5-0 start to the homestand, the Cubs are 0-4 since and failing to ignite and those betting baseball are wondering what the hell is going on.

Joe Maddon’s team at 30-31 is a stunning development and those playing the Cubs against the MLB odds are being burned worse than a shirtless guy out all day on Lake Michigan in a boat at -16.0 units.

Colorado has been one of the best surprises in baseball thanks to its overall pitching, which is really amazing, seeing two guys they thought be the leaders of the rotation have barely pitched. What does the series finale bring, time to explore.

Pitching Matchup – Senzatela vs. Arrieta

Antonio Senzatela (8-2, 3.56 ERA) has enjoyed an excellent rookie season to date. The 22-year’s strength is that he keeps the ball low and induces a large number of ground balls and fly balls. Those in the air have been a little more problematic of late with more home runs allowed. Also, left-handed hitters have only hit seven points higher than righty’s, but Senzatela has given up six of his nine dingers to them and 15 of his 21 walks.



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