Betting Baseball, Take Texas in Lone Star State Upset


Texas will be after payback after being swept by Houston at home earlier this month. The Rangers might be in the right frame of mind and situation to at least take the series versus their rivals and being a series wager for those betting baseball.

Texas has to be feeling spry after a road sweep at Washington, while partly because of injuries to its starting staff, the Astros have lost four of six and home series to the Los Angeles Angels.

Houston still has the best record in baseball and no team in their division is over .500, so the MLB odds of the Astros being caught in the AL West is remote, nonetheless, they want to be domineering. While domineering might be too strong of a word, my recent 10-4 record is at least nicely profitable.

Pitching Matchup – Darvish vs. Musgrove		Yu Darvish (5-4, 3.18 ERA) has lost three straight starts and he can only blame himself. The right-hander is only permitting a .205 batting average, but the command is not in place. Two aspects are holding him back, starting with the control. Darvish is still striking out better than a hitter an inning, but his walks and more particularly his pitch count is way up and twice in his past four starts has only last five innings while reaching triple digits in pitches. He’s also has left too many pitches in the zone, permitting 12 home runs in only 82 innings, a career-worst rate. Darvish is 4-5 (3.62 ERA) against Houston.



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