Betting Baseball, St. Louis Soars to Victory Over Milwaukee


Game 2 of this four-game series finds Milwaukee had a nice come from behind win last night, which makes betting baseball a little more challenging tonight given the pitching matchup.

Though St. Louis swept Pittsburgh this week, the same old problems returned last evening in defeat. Who should you be looking at for in Game 2 of this series for MLB picks, continue on.

Pitching Matchup – Wainwright vs. Peralta

Adam Wainwright is coming off a career-worst season and this year has started even worse with a 7.24 ERA and hard to comprehend 2.20 WHIP, all leading to 0-3 record. The 35-year old right-hander seems to losing the battle to father-time, as his pitches are not breaking as sharply or sinking as quickly and opposing batter’s are barreling up his tosses, permitting unfathomable 24 hits in just 13 2/3 innings. Maybe facing Milwaukee will rekindle the magic with 2.21 ERA and 14-8 record. (Team’s record 19-9)

After a 17-11 season in 2014, with quality 3.53 ERA, a then 24-year old Wily Peralta was expected to be a fixture in the Milwaukee rotation. Expectations and reality sometimes go there separate ways and Peralta was so bad last season he spent almost two months in the minors. Instead of pouting, the Dominican went to work and when he returned in August, he lowered his ERA 1.82 runs and only has one poor outing among his 11 final starts. Peralta’s picked up where he left off with 3-0 start and 2.65 ERA and opposing teams are hitting only .196 against him.

Offensive Disparity Thus Far With These NL Central Combatants		St. Louis came into the season thinking the addition of Dexter Fowler as a leadoff hitter would get the offense rolling. So far this is not the case, averaging a putrid 3.3 RPG. Fowler is batting .169 and the highest batting average by everyday players is Matt Carpenter and Stephen Piscotty at just .244.



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