Betting Baseball – NL West Breakdown, Not Much To Be Excited About


For baseball bettors, the NL West is a bit of this and that. Colorado, Arizona and San Francisco have made individual bettors profits of three to six units. San Diego has the worst record in the division but has kept its losses to under five units because of one aspect they do really well. Then there is the Los Angeles Dodgers who have been like one of those Florida sinkholes that just keep growing and that is where their backer’s money has gone.

Let’s take a peek at each time team and understand where they are and where they could be headed.

Arizona Diamondbacks – Where Did The Offense Go?

After a hot start, Arizona has come back to the pack in this division. No question injuries have played a part in the D-Backs falling all the way to 29th in scoring. But what about Paul Goldschmidt? We are nearly at Memorial Day and Goldy is at the Mendoza Line with a batting average around .200. Strikeouts are up, contact is down and he’s being overpowered by high heat on either side of the dish. Possibly the humidor deal has gotten into his head, but half his games are on the road. The Diamondbacks will mostly be on the road the next couple weeks and are Play Against until the offense shows life.

Colorado Rockies – Road Warriors?

After years of having a distinct disadvantage playing on the road compared to Coors Field, Colorado is 19-12 and its +13 units have made them the best bet for away teams. However, don’t get too excited about their success even if they are more than a third of the way through their road schedule. On the season the Rockies are -25 in run differential in spite of being three games over .500 and on the road, they have outscored opponents by just 3.8 to 3.7 runs a game. That is hardly domination for a such an excellent record. After a series against the Dodgers this week, the Rocks will be home 12 of their next 15 games and will need to improve on 7-11 record (-8.5 units), which is costing them.



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