Betting Baseball – NL Central Team’s News


Other than Cincinnati, everyone in the NL Central is playing .550 or better baseball and even the Reds started this week on a six-game winning streak. But just because almost everyone has done well doesn’t mean all the money is flowing to those backing these teams. As usual, those which are the most surprising in a positive sense are raking in the cash and those with larger expectations are hanging in and not especially profitable.

Milwaukee Brewers  – Best Bet, Just Not Great

There are many ways to looking at the Brewers being the second or third-best bet in the National League. Subtract Milwaukee’s eight-game winning streak in April and they are a .500 club. That is actually a truer indication of who the Brew Crew actually is since their season run differential is almost break-even and fourth in their division. The Crew is hardly knocking the horse-hide around the yard, not even averaging 4.0 runs per game. What is saving them is their bullpen is second in ERA in the league, but they are third in usage behind awful losing teams like San Diego and Miami and eventually that will catch up with them. However, they have a nice long homestand to close the month and if they do well there, Milwaukee should be at or near the top of the division.

St. Louis Cardinals – Consistency Needed

For longtime Cardinals backers and sports bettors drinking the red Kool-Aid, this St. Louis team is had been like most under manager Mike Matheny, a bit maddening. For every four or five-game winning streak, that’s followed by losing three of four. Since the Redbirds are more of a public team for sports wagering, they have shown a small profit with their better than average winning record. What this team needs is stronger fundamentals, which used to be the “Cardinals Way” and that continues as an issue.



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