Betting Baseball Mid-Season Adjustments


As we approach the midpoint of the baseball season, if you’re wagering account looks like it’s been emptied by a cyber thief, it is time to make adjustments. If your situation is not that bad, yet you would still like to improve your positioning and take your minus numbers to plus numbers, now would be a good time.

Like hitters and pitchers continually making adjustments, you as a baseball bettor have to do the same thing. Everyone’s methods always need updating as the games evolve. If you bet just underdogs or UNDER’s, some years will be better than others. But the sharpest bettor’s are on the look for the most current trends, just like a stockbroker and find elements that can place them ahead of the curve. Let’s use this as an example.

Understanding Simple Bullpen Numbers

Here are the eight best teams to bet on so far this season.

1) Seattle           +17.1    

2) Atlanta          +16.6    

3) Milwaukee   +15.0    

4) Boston           +14.8    

5) N.Y. Yankees +11.7   

6) Arizona           +8.8      

7) Detroit           +7.3      

8) San Diego     +4.1      

Next, here is a list of the Top 8 bullpens based on ERA.

1)Arizona            2.50

2) Milwaukee    2.65

3) Chicago Cubs 2.67

4) Houston         2.94

5)N.Y. Yankees 2.96

6) Boston           2.98

7) San Diego      3.18

8) Oakland         3.55

As you can see, there five teams in the lower group that match with those teams that among the most profitable in baseball. Houston is also a profitable team but didn’t make the cut and Oakland and the Cubs are very close to being in the black.



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