Betting Baseball, Colorado Completes the Sweep of San Francisco


Colorado goes after the four-game series sweep against San Francisco this afternoon. If you are betting baseball, you have to like the Rockies chances when using the broom today.		Given the difference in the two teams, one might expect the Rockies to be a larger favorite, but we will explain in the – Pitching Matchup – why that is not the case.

Pitching Matchup – Blach vs. Chatwood

Ty Blach (4-4, 4.26 ERA) is serviceable back of the rotation starter and if San Francisco was more like the team they were from 2010 to 2016, he would probably work out fine. However, that is not who the Giants are these days. Blach like many pitchers has more problems on the road and he is hit much harder away from AT&T Park, with 6.04 ERA and .325 batting average allowed, compared to 3.02 and .224 BA. Having to face a Colorado lineup that is raking at home in this series will be no treat.

At this point, it seems like Tyler Chatwood (6-7, 4.16) would rather pitch on two days rest on the road than have his turn in the rotation come up at Coors Field. While some pitchers might not sleep well before a start, Chatwood probably has cold sweats thinking about taking the mound in Denver. The same issues the right-hander has had in the past are continuing, with a 7.03 ERA at Coors (2.41 ERA on the road) and vast chasm in batting average given up at .301 vs. .183 outside of Colorado.




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