Betting Baseball – A Look at the NL East and What To Look For


Over the rest of the spring and summer, we check in and take a look at each division in the major leagues over a four or five-week period. The idea behind this is to give you information on each team and where they might be headed and what you should look for as a baseball bettor. Along the way, we will try to provide other insights which might be helpful for you to build you baseball betting bankroll.

Here is a look at the most current standings in the NL East.


Atlanta Braves 19-14

Philadelphia Phillies 18-15

New York Mets 17-15

Washington Nationals 18-17

Miami Marlins 13-20

Atlanta Raising a Ruckus

The Braves are not only in first place but they have been a Top 5 team to bet the entire season. After going thru the rebuilding process, Atlanta has built a strong and aggressive everyday lineup that leads the National League in scoring. The Braves have not been a fluke either as they led the senior circuit in run differential, which is one the truest measurements of a team’s real abilities. If Atlanta pitching holds up, they should continue being a money-maker.

The New York Mets, We Have Seen This Before

After a 9-1 start, the Metropolitans are turning into the same old train wreck we have witnessed the last several years. The offense has gone cold and what was thought to be a deep starting staff, has not proven to be true, with only Jacob deGrom (now on 10-day DL) and Noah Syndergaard resembling reliable starters. Maybe no player explains the Mets situation better than Matt Harvey, who’s been ineffective as a starter or reliever, but grades out well when hitting the bar scene. Against better competition, this is a Play Against group at present.

Phillies Part of the Philadelphia Fun

When Philadelphia inked Jake Arrieta to a one year deal, the question in baseball was why? The Phillies were coming off a third straight 90+ losing season and were not thought of as even a .500 club for 2018. But the Phils front office said “We’re ready to win now.” which drew falling glances, since most did not want to laugh in someone’s face, trying to be respectful. But with Arrieta and Aaron Nola, Philadelphia gives itself a real chance to win two out of every five games. The other starters are young but with live arms and the bullpen has thrown well, even if the save percentage is not particularly high. The schedule is neutral, which means they will have a chance at being a decent wager.

Washington Rounding Into Form

After a sluggish start, the Nationals are starting to hit and pitch as most expected. This is still the most talented team in the division and while new manager Dave Martinez has made a few questionable pitching moves, having played for skippers Dusty Baker and Matt Williams, Washington players are not affected. If the Nats go 3-3 against Arizona the Yankees, the rest of May should give a number of victories and make them a more reliable wager.

Miami – As Expected

The Marlins are just behind pace to lose 100 times this season, but given the lack of offense and the pitching staff to wear down as the season goes, they should reach the century mark by season’s end. For certain, the poorest run franchise in baseball and a bad bet.

Oddsmakers Tapped Into NL East Totals

To this point, sportsbooks have been sharp on totals for this division, with no team more than three games away from breakeven for records.

Doug Upstone wrote this

Next Report: NL Central 


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