Be Careful When Betting Sports You Don’t Really Follow In the Summertime


We are in the meat of the summer and while it is most everyone’s favorite time of year, it can an antsy time for those betting sports.

Enough bettors are not fascinated with the day-to-day grind of looking at essentially 15 baseball games a day. Plus, there are the nuisances of the game and unpredictability of hot and cold streaks by all sorts of teams.

With this, once the NBA season is over or those that just wager on college basketball, that period before football can cause a little wagering anxiety.

This year with the World Cup and the WNBA and Canadien football ramping up, bettors will sometimes be willing to take a test drive. One problem with this thinking. A test drive is free before you decide to make a purchase. A wager costs money. Here are some helpful hints before putting your feet in the water and having no idea if the temperature is hot or cold.

Always Set A Budget, To Lose

Most regular sports bettors have an idea what they can afford to lose. But once they start doing something different, their thinking becomes undisciplined. It’s like the conservative stockbroker who manages his customer’s portfolios by preaching slow growth and discipline and he walks into a casino and drops 10-grand on black playing roulette.

While we would probably recommend passing if you don’t have the knowledge of any of these sports, you are an adult and you can make your own decisions. We just want you to make the best ones possible.



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