Baseball Long Shots and Big Favorites are Welcome Here


Our Dude, Seriously feature wants to know what is your biggest underdog or favorite that makes the rest of the betting world think you are the next Billy Walters. Feel free to post it, comment on it and I’ll be following it to see who the biggest winners (and losers) are.

I picked up +4.55 SU units yesterday on a  two-team round-robin parlay. Do you have what it takes, fire up your thoughts here and show the world your sports betting knowledge! 


  1. Doug; New week; 1- PITT; still not a fan of Francis; 2-MINN on the R/L; Balt is traveling; Diamond is Twins best. 3-SD on the R/L; Houst is awful, SS is out, SD is playing competitivly.

    • Lou, I’m with you on the Twinkies, Diamond sharp and should contain O’s batters. I don’t like Francis either by Karstans worries me. Good Luck


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