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    With a 97-55 record over 152 plays, we tackle today starting with one of the best systems of the year at 91.5 percent. The Top Trend is virtually perfect and Ron is making a killing betting baseball and has another play ready to go for Free.

    What I did the last few days – Went to Vegas with my vacationing daughter and had a tremendous time. No question the face of Vegas is changing, with many more people in the 25-40 range. This is in part to more affordable room rates then in the past and most of these people are used to paying $10 for drinks.

    My daughter had never been downtown and I had not been at night in sometime. Had a great time viewing the overhead show and playing in the small casinos. Even went into the Golden Gate Casino, where I learned how to play craps years ago.

    Met a few cappers and sharps and the word on the street is the newer M Resort is the place for serious bettors. They are taking more action with higher limits to attract the crème of the crop and have several more wagering options for those that make a living betting full or part time.

    Cabo Wabo is Sammy Hagar’s place and they’ve opened restaurant as part of the Miracle Mile right on The Strip. Good food and a good time.

    One thing you have to do on next visit is hit Minus 5 bar. Really unique and brought back the bone-chilling cold I used to feel and no longer miss for a second.

    I was surprised to hear the number of live bands at so many places. It was funny to see one guy trying to be Sugar Ray (wasn’t happening) and a lead guitar player was still working on his moves, though he could have been Steve Nash’s brother.

    Another band had a higher 30’s female singer who thought she was a younger Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas and in the same group, the guitarist must have bought his latest guitar strap at a discount store that only had “smalls” left, since it looked like he was playing his six-stringer under his chin.

    If you are into Beer Pong, have to hit O’Sheas, awesome.

    For the most part I had no luck gambling on pretty much anything I tried, until finally finding the right craps table at The Mirage of all places (normally don’t play their much) and getting back most of my money with a group of hot shooters. Thank God.

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    Free Baseball System -1) Play Against road underdogs with a money line of +175 to +250 like the Cubs, hitting .250 or worse over their last 20 games, against opponent with a smokin’ starting pitcher, whose WHIP is 1.000 or less over his last five starts. This system is delightful, 54-5 since 2006.

    Free Baseball Trends -2) Baltimore is 1-19 vs. a starting pitcher whose gives up 5.5 or less hits a start this season.

    Free Baseball Pick -3) Met Ron in Vegas and he is just killin’ the books, now up to 44-11 in last 55 MLB plays, plus he’s making all kinds of other cash on other wagers on baseball that he personally plays in other ways. Tonight he dons brown friars clothing and is playing the Padres.

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