Are The San Francisco 49ers Over-Hyped?


After starting last year 1-10, the San Francisco 49ers closed the season with five straight victories to finish 6-10. They are renowned by sportsbooks universally, as their projected season win total now sits at 8.5, which is rather lofty for a team that is 13-35 the last three years and has not had a winning season since 2013.

But this is the NFL and Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Rams were coming off at least two losing campaigns and look what they did last year. Things change quickly in the NFL, similar to what happened with Papa John’s and Pizza Hut as the official pizza pie of the Roger Goodell’s kingdom.

Nonetheless, the question still begs how good are the 49ers and it is noteworthy that less than half of the last 40 teams (19) that closed the previous season on a five-game winning streak made the playoffs the following year and that percentage is even lower if they had a losing record.

Is Jimmy Garoppolo Ready To Face The Scrutiny?

Last year’s sudden turnaround was in direct correlation to Jimmy Graoppolo taking over as the quarterback. With little knowledge of the offense or the players around him, under Tom Brady’s understudy, the Niners in those five contests, they scored an NFL-best 56.6 percent of their drives with Garoppolo and ranked in the top five in the league in scoring offense (28.8 PPG), yards per play (6.1) and yards per game (409.6). When considering San Fran had one victory at that time, the results are flabbergasting.



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