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MLB News: Rick Reilly is right

3DW View: I used to be an avid reader of Rick Reilly when he was at Sports Illustrated, but since he signed his big contract at ESPN, he has been cast in too many roles he seems uncomfortable with (or not skilled enough to handle) or his oral presentations on camera lack the skill of say a Bob Costas to tell a story that holds your interest.

A couple of days ago, Reilly wrote a brilliant opinion piece about baseball that helps capture the essence of what is wrong with the game today. He talks about the pace being so incredibly slow for no reason. If you ever happen to come across a baseball game on ESPN Classic, the starkness could not be greater.

Read the article here and give your thoughts.

MLB News: Unusual night in the big leagues

3DW View: I have followed this all season and find it most interesting. Teams that are first to score five runs are 730-70, 91.2 percent overall for the season. The numbers have stay around this area all year, but for the first time all season, three different teams, the Phillies, Giants and Orioles, all lost after reaching the “magic” number.

MLB News: The Angels Trout and Trumbo

3DW View: When Albert Pujols started to hit, the Angels started to win and considering where he was to start the season, his .273 batting average doesn’t look so bad today.

However, the reason LA/2’s offense no longer is shutdown as frequently is because of Mike Trout and and Mark Trumbo.

It would not be a stretch to make the case the 20-year old Trout has been the best player in the American League. He leads the league in batting average (.348), steals (26) and is fifth in on-base percentage, which is a huge plus for a leadoff man.

Trout is an excellent defensive player and ESPN.com for a couple of weeks has been comparing nightly – Web Gems- to his catch in which he stole a home run. Trout plays with great enthusiasm and is really smart at the plate, always willing to stay on a pitch longer to hit the ball to right-center or right field when behind on the count.

Mark Trumbo is somewhat of a late bloomer, not really getting a call to the majors until he was 25-years old last season. After hitting 29 home runs in his rookie season, Trumbo has 20 bombs already this year and his plate coverage and discipline is remarkable, batting .306 this season and is sixth in OPS in the AL.

The other factor to like about the 6’4 Trumbo, he’s played four different positions in the field this year and you never hear a word about him being unhappy he just cannot settle in one spot. Trumbo will not win a Gold Glove like Trout probably will, but he’s not Manny Ramirez either in the outfield and has good straight line speed.

The Halos have repositioned themselves to be back in the playoff hunt and will need better starting pitching beyond Jered Weaver. However, offensively, having these two young studs opens up lots of possibilities for the Angels.

CFB News: USC the Favorite

3DW View: In reviewing futures odds at various sportsbooks, most have USC as the favorite to win what is now the lame duck BCS championship. While there is any number of reasons to make a play on the Trojans with 17 returning starters and the top kicker and top punter back, all teams suffer injuries. And while the front line players for the Men of Troy are outstanding, the depth chart because of the NCAA sanctions is littered with youth, be it very talented.

The schedule does not seem unbearable with this many returning players, with trips to Stanford, Utah and Washington, however these three roadies are among the first four Pac-12 games of the season.



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