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Charles Woodson knows how hot the Green Bay Packers are.


Should Green Bay be favored in Super Bowl?

3DW Take Yes. The Packers are one of the fastest teams in the NFL, all over the field. In spite of well documented injuries, they ended up second in the NFL in fewest points allowed (Pittsburgh was first) and they have a number of Pro Bowl players and those that are really close, just like the Steelers. On offense, Green Bay has a better offensive line than the Steelers, has a better collection of wide receivers and though James Starks isn’t Rashard Mendenhall, he works well enough in Mike McCarthy’s offensive scheme.

Skeptics still look at a sixth seed playing a two and the higher seed is making third trip to the Big Game in six years and Green Bay lost six games this season. All true, however the Packers have not trailed by more than seven points all season and anyone that watched those losses knows they should have won half of them. The Packers had the second highest point differential during the regular season at +148 (Pittsburgh were third at +143) and oddsmakers still have a fresh picture in their mind of New York Giants team that won a Super Bowl in similar fashion just three years ago. Besides let be honest, are oddsmakers really going to put out a bad number on a game of this magnitude?

News – Jay Cutler injury

3DW Take– Here is one of the negative aspects of social media. For many of us, we were taught to think before you speak, however in today’s world, everyone feels their voice must be heard (rightly or wrongly). I have to admit I thought it was odd when Cutler went down in NFC title game for all the stated reasons, but that was my opinion and wasn’t about to pretend I knew what really happened.

I was stunned by current and former NFL players calling out Cutler for his supposed lack of toughness. These are the same players who blame the media for supposedly starting rumors or creating half-truths, yet they had no problems about berating one their own and bring the wrath of the football world on Cutler before knowing any facts.

I will say I’m not a Jay Cutler fan; I find him smug and not overly willing to listen to coaches to improve mechanics (as he still continues to throw off back foot or with no feet on the ground) and become better quarterback. Nevertheless, the guy from Santa Claus, IN, has diabetes and in my book, that shows be he’s no quitter and should be judged in his own locker room and not be a mob who can’t tweet fast enough in 140 or less characters.

Your thoughts welcome.

News- Under the radar turnaround

3DW Take – Only real college basketball junkies or in-depth handicappers know about this story. UNC-Greensboro began the season 0-15, losing by 18.1 points per contest. They were the patsy for six ACC schools including then No. 1 Duke and also scheduled teams that normally are powerful in their conferences like Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth. Yet, the Spartans have not faced all the finest teams in the country and lost a no-line encounter to North Carolina A&T 82-70 on their home court.

UNC-Greensboro started play in the Southern Conference 0-5 and was a 15-point underdog at Appalachian State, yet miraculously won 75-74. With a shot of confidence, the Spartans upset Davidson as 10.5-point home underdogs 77-69 and followed that performance with 87-75 victory over Georgia Southern.

When asked about such an abrupt turnaround, coach Mike Dement said this – “They’re growing up,” Dement said after the latest victory. “Everybody can see that. Guys are knocking down shots and attacking the basket pretty well.” The biggest change has been freshmen David Williams and Trevis Simpson, who were AAU teammates, who have integrated themselves within the team and showing positive results. A 0-15 start for UNC-Greensboro has been turned around to Spartans club that has covered seven of 10 and suddenly dangerous team in the Southern Conference. Go figure.



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