2018 NHL Free Agent Winners and Losers


Maybe because of Vegas making it to the Stanley Cup Finals or Washington finally winning one, or both, but there is more interest about the free agent market it seems than in prior years.

Toronto signing John Tavares to a seven-year, $77 million contract makes them a winner almost no matter what they do short of trading Auston Mathews. By doing this, sportsbooks across the world have made the Maple Leafs the favorite to win next year’s Stanley Cup. In truth, this may well be an overreaction, because, at the moment, nobody is comparing the Leafs defensemen to Washington’s.

But that is not the only news on the ice, as there have been other developments that will impact other teams both in a good way and a  bad one. (See – New York Islanders, where Tavares came from.)

Loser: San Jose Sharks

Though San Jose was not as embarrassed as the Islanders, they came up short in acquiring Tavares. Another quality goal-scorer could have propelled them past Vegas in the Pacific Division and given them a chance to return to Cups Finals for the second time in four years.



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