2013 NCAA Tournament SWEET 16 RETURNEES… Swimming With The Sharks


By Marc Lawrence of Playbook.com

With the 2013 NCAA Tournament entering the SWEET 16 round, let’s take a different perspective in analyzing the teams that have arrived.  This one pertains specifically to teams that are returning to the SWEET 16 for the 2nd straight year. 

Do these experienced teams perform with aplomb and panache, or do they bomb like Ted Kaczynski on a 2nd date?  Let’s take a peek.


Taking a look at this year’s list of returnees, we find half of last year’s field returning.  They include – Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Louisville, Marquette, Michigan State, Ohio State and Syracuse.

According to our database, since 1992, teams making a right-back appearance in the SWEET 16 are 63-43 SU and 48-56-2 ATS in this round of the tourney.

The cut-line, however, is often times the pointspread. 

That’s confirmed by the fact that favorites of more than 6 points are 35-3 SU and 23-15 ATS in these games. 

Priced at anything less (dog or favorite of 6 or fewer points), they dip drastically to 28-40 SU and 25-41-2 ATS in competitive contests.

This year’s teams making the cut (favored by 6 or more points) are: Florida and Louisville.

Michigan State Spartans basketballNOT QUITE A 10

Looking at it from a varied perspective, SWEET 16 returnees seem to struggle when arriving off a win of less than 10 points, going just 25-24 SU and 17-30-2 ATS.  This year that would include Marquette and Ohio State.

Florida, Kansas, Louisville and Michigan State each appear to be spared by their degree of favoritism.

Note: Indiana and Syracuse face one another.


As expected, the top two seeds fare the best in Sweet 16 games as returnees, going 48-15 SU combined.  To the spread, however, they are lukewarm, at best, going 32-31 ATS.

No. 3 seeds have fared the worst, going 5-7 SU and 3-9 ATS as returnees in this round.  Not good news for Marquette or Michigan State.

Ironically, the Eagles failed in this same role as small favorites, losing 68-58 as small favorite versus Florida.


Worse, when SWEET 16 returnees arrive and are forced to take on top quality foe with a win percentage of .850 or greater they spring a major leak, going 7-16 SU and 8-14-1 ATS, including 4-14 SU and 4-13-1 ATS in they won fewer than 30 games last season.

If these same guys are facing a foe off a win of 15 or more points they capsize, going 0-7 SU and 1-6 ATS.

The life rafts are ready and standing by for Michigan State this Friday.

The bottom line is you can draw your own conclusions, if you like.  But make no mistake, when it comes to handicapping teams in the SWEET 16, the winners will likely be the better-qualified teams that have ‘been there-and-done that’. Or those who know how to keep a ship afloat, if you know what I mean…


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