How to Bet the Most Controversial Players in the 2017 NFL Draft

April 27, 2017

It is almost here – “With the first pick in the 2017 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns……don’t know who to take.” OK, having a little fun at the Browns expense and why not, they have earned it.

Talked to a few friends who work behind the counters in Nevada taking bets and they are anticipating a 25 to 40 percent increase in wagers placed on the NFL Draft from last year. It is not my place to judge, only to go with the flow. This is why we will look at certain players, who have been receiving positive and negative reviews and speculate what their draft position might be if they are an OVER or UNDER play based on what Bookmaker has them listed at for NFL odds.

LEONARD FOURNETTE, RB, LSU 2017 NFL DRAFT 1ST ROUND PICK POSITION – Over/Under 4.5		With the new staff and front office in Jacksonville more run -oriented, it seems like a foregone conclusion the Jaguars will take Fournette at No.4 making this an UNDER play. Just remember where you heard this (right or wrong); when a player is injury-prone in college, especially at running back, almost certainly he will be injured in the pros. I’m not saying Fournette will be bust, just a large disappointment. Think Beanie Wells from Ohio State.


This should be the easiest money made in mankind. Of course Trubisky is not a Top 10 pick. He started 13 games in college and while he graded out well in many areas scouts have looked at, he’s not close to ready for the NFL. If San Francisco, Chicago, the Jets or even San Diego (Philip Rivers is not getting younger) would take him, by 2022, I and others will have mocked them for five years. Bet Under (cautiously) for NFL picks.


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