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Doug Upstone

Doug Upstone of Vegas Pro Insiders Daily has been involved in sports handicapping in some form or another his entire adult life. NOBODY watches and studies games more than he does. Whether it is live or going back and watching later, Doug has game notes and observations dating back two decades. (Yes, somehow he’s still married to his original wife)

Doug is process person, meaning he’s developed his own power ratings in different sports to determine if the lines are accurate from his perspective, yet always follows the fundamentals when handicapping games.

Doug’s www.vegasproinsidersdaily.com is a must read and he’s been heard on various sports radio talk shows (Tony George Radio Show on Sirius radio the latest) around the country for years and never has a shortage of opinions. Plus, his Line Moves article is one of the most consistently viewed pieces among sports bettors.

Doug has been writing articles and doing videos for six years at SportsbookReview.com and consistently has among the most views at that site.

Doug also writes for popular football newsletters like VegasInsider.com.

Doug has had  21 No. 1 rankings at online sports monitors in a multitude of sports and consistently delivers HUGE profits. He’s known for his diligence, preparation, knowledge, focus and his willingness to share his expertise.His articles have been in the New York Post.com, Sportsbookreview.com., RantSports.com, Covers.com, Playbook.com, Daily Racing Form, StatFox.com and Sportsbook.ag on a daily basis, along with being seen at many different websites on the internet.

Doug continues to write for several different internet sites besides his work at Vegas Pro Insiders Daily. Need Winners starting today, Doug is the man to deliver them.

Doug Upstone Awards

#1 2016 NFL at The Sports Eye

#1 2015 NFL at Cappers Monitor

#1 2014-15 NHL at Cappers Monitor, Cappers Watchdog & The Sports Eye

#1 2013-14 NHL at Cappers Monitor & The Sports Eye

#1 2014 NFL Playoffs at The Sports Eye Monitor

#1 2013 NFL at Cappers Monitor
#1 2013 NHL at Cappers Monitor, Capper Watchdog & Sports Eye
#1 2009-10 CBB at Cappers Monitor
#1 2009 MLB at The Sports Eye and Free Sports Monitor
#1 2008 NFL at Free Sports Monitor
#1 2006 CFB Free Sports Monitor
#1 2004-05 CBB at The Sports Eye
#1 2004-05 NBA at WagerTracker (Best Bets)
#1 2004 MLB at The Sports Eye
#1 2004 NFL Preseason at WagerTracker


This plus numerous other monthly awards and 70+ Top 10 finishes. Latest, 2016 N0. 6 in MLB. 


Kyle Hunter

Kyle Hunter has been helping sports bettors put money in their accounts since the end of 2009. Though Kyle hasn’t been around for as long as some other handicappers, he has racked up a bunch of major accolades during his time professionally handicapping. For example, in 2010 Kyle finished as the world’s #1 Ranked Overall Handicapper in units gained. Kyle has finished as the #1 Ranked College Basketball Handicapper two times. Kyle has also finished as the #1 Ranked Major League Baseball Handicapper two times. Kyle is up more than 54 units in college football as well in his time as a professional handicapper and he has been a consistent winner on the gridiron. Kyle Hunter has cashed in on 56% of his NFL plays since 2010 also.

Kyle is a well-rounded handicapper who breaks down the game in every way possible. He’ll use all kinds of data, trends, and situational angles to find value. You won’t find anyone who works harder than Kyle to help you make money. Be assured, every single selection that Kyle makes he will also be betting himself.

Honest and integrity are lacking in this industry, but they are of utmost importance to Kyle. Everything will be out in the open with Kyle. Total transparency at all times!

How has Kyle done overall since he started releasing plays professionally? Kyle is up 101 units during those six years. That means $1,000 bettors have pocketed $101,000. Each and every one of those plays are monitored by a third party as well. Join in and invest with a handicapper who will help you build your bankroll!

Tony George


Tony George is the President and CEO of Tony George Sports.  He is one of the most consistent and most respected handicappers in the sports gaming world. Tony also is a national radio host on Yahoo Sports Radio.    Tony started his business in Lincoln, NE back in 1992 and is now located in Kansas City, MO.  His philosophy is that sports handicapping shouldn’t be exempt from ethical conduct.  George’s full-time firm dedicates itself solely to winning and places expectations high. His first big break came in 1991, when he won a small contest at the Horseshoe in Las Vegas.  He was encouraged to enter by one of the Binion’s, one of Las Vegas’ most famous families.  Soon other players started to inquire about his picks. George began his phone service which was NOT a boiler room.  He then found himself in the top ten of Jack Stewart’s Sportswatch, one of the first handicapper monitoring services. Tony became one of the first handicappers to sell a play on the Internet when he set up online in 1995.  Tony has been or is a contributor to many large gaming portals such as Covers, Boyds Bets, Gambling 911, Rants Sports, Sports Capping, Yahoo Sports, The Sports Network, Pregame, Bang the Book, and Playbook.

His firm has been ranked in the top 10 in different sports 58 times at different sports monitors since 1996.  He has won the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge in the NFL in 2003, placed 6th in the Golden Nugget contest in Vegas in 2005, and placed 4th in the Reserve Casino Contest in Vegas in 2002. Tony also placed in the top 2 at the Stardust World Series of Poker qualifier in 2006 and played in the main event of the WSOP, furthering his gambling prowess.   Tony was the #1 handicapper at Sports Watch in 2014 for March Madness with a 34-12 record.  73% ATS documented. Tony won the Ultimate Handicapping Challenge in 2004 going 52-17 ATS in the NFL for the entire season and went 68% in CFB the same year for a 2nd place finish there as well.    Money management is important to George,.  He unit rates every game to ensure even the novice sports bettor has a way to maximize profits and minimize losses.  George uses situational analysis and power numbers in a system that has proven to be very consistent. On moneyline wagers Tony never lays more than -150 on any selection. A hassle free approach with 23 years of experience and an outstanding reputation, George offers proven results for all who invest in his wares.

Sean Higgs

Sean Higgs has been crushing ‘The Man’ since the early ’90s. If you are trying to beat the sports books with stats, trends, and angles you are not going to have a lot of success if you do not know how to apply them. That is Sean’s specialty. If you follow Sean’s advice by playing his selections you are going to find yourself making a decent second income from gambling.
He doesn’t place bets just because a game is on TV or involves high profile teams. He shoots for value. If you are working full-time, have a family, or have other interests then you can’t possibly put in the time required to win at sports-betting .
Year in, and Year out, ‘Mr. Money’ grinds out a profit. Higgs isn’t in this for the thrill of some big wins, Sean wins consistently throughout the year.


Jim Mack 

Jim Mack, for years best known as his pseudonym, VI Jim, popularized by the well-respected Vegas Insider Football Weekly Tip Sheet, now brings his handicapping talents to Vegas Pro Insider Daily daily through his own unique style and expertise.

Born and raised in an industrial town in the Midwest, Jim personifies the hard work and diligence needed to thrive in the ever changing sports betting world. Having been in the industry for over 15 years now,  Jim boasts a wealth of experience.

However, unlike the others, Jim has spent many years on both sides of the line, both in building and analyzing data to beat the point spread, and in consulting some of the world’s largest bookmakers in BUILDING odds.

Having been on both sides of the betting process, Jim has learned many invaluable secrets of the trade, and what to look for when finding line value. He has first-hand knowledge in how & why lines are moved, how bookmakers try to bait bettors into certain plays, and the mistakes those setting the odds make in over- or under-reacting to teams’ tendencies.

Jim firmly believes in letting the lines play out awhile so it is rare that he will offer early selections, instead choosing to study line moves closely as part of his routine before issuing any opinion. Jim also considers himself a heavy system bettor, and believes that a steady process, combined with the diligent use of time tested beliefs is the only way to enjoy prolonged and prolific success in sports betting. He has demonstrated this type of thinking consistently both in his picks and in the articles he has authored for the VI Tip Sheets.

Prior to joining VI, only Jim’s closest associates have had the privilege of taking advantage of his work.

If you haven’t had the chance to enjoy some of Jim Mack’s analysis, you can do so either by downloading this week’s tip sheet or by choosing one of the selections he has in play for today’s games. Jim’s success in the tip sheet over the last few years speaks for itself, NFL Best Bets: 73-47 ATS (60.8%), CFB Best Bets: 65-47 ATS (58.0%). This was on feature games that he didn’t get to choose, imagine how good he is on games he chooses for himself! He was also close to a 60% player on NBA & College Basketball in print previously as well, and believes his knowledge base can help all bettors in MLB, NHL, and an occasional other sport as well.

Jim Mack is here to work for you. After just a few days of playing with Jim, you’ll wish you would have found him earlier!