Rather quiet thus far on the Sweet 16 front other than one game with line moves. With this we will pick up two contests in the NBA. Also, no early line moves in Saturday’s Elite 8 encounters to speak of, but we do have a moving total in CIT action. Take a minute to review all the betting trends and our free picks (36-19-1 of late), to see what we are thinking. See you back here Tuesday.

CBB – (875) UCLA vs. (876) KENTUCKY 9:35 ET CBS  (side and total)

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.com		The wagering action on this highly anticipated rematch is favoring UCLA, who has gone from a Pick to -1.5 now over Kentucky. Also, despite both teams high scoring tendencies, the total has dropped two points to 167. I can understand why a segment of bettors are backing the Bruins, since they have a few more veteran players who can provide leadership during the rough spots of games. Also agree with the total coming down as both clubs have gotten used to playing slower against various competition and are far better defense teams than previous meeting.

Betting Trend – 57% backing UCLA and 52% on Under

Doug’s VPID TakeLeans UCLA and Under


While I can see the potential logic in sinking this Eastern Conference clash total from 215.5 to 213, having a hard time making a strong case for it. Charlotte’s offense can be as annoying as LaVar Ball, good one night and dreadful the next. For Cleveland, who is 0-3 ATS thus far on this four-game road trip, the Cavs have yet to hold one opponent under 51 percent shooting thus far. With Cleveland 26-10 OVER when the total is 210 to 219.5 and 12-4 OVER off a road loss this season, this seems like one-way action.

Betting Trend – 82% backing Over

Doug’s VPID TakePlay Over


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NBA – (861) ATLANTA at (862) MILWAUKEE 8:05 ET  NBA-TV

Talk about teams headed in opposite directions, this tilt definitely qualifies and those betting basketball are paying close attention. Atlanta has lost five in a row (1-4 ATS) and with a loss in the Brew City, would fall into a tie with Milwaukee for the No. 5 slot in the Eastern Conference. As for the Bucks, it looked like another missed playoff opportunity for this young squad, but they have jelled in winning 10 of 12 (9-3 ATS) and might be formidable in the postseason. Many bettors believe they will get the job done tonight and sportsbooks have raised the young Bucks from -4.5 to -6. Though the Hawks are scuffling, they are 7-3 and 6-3-1 ATS of late versus Milwaukee and could make this close.

Betting Trend – 59% backing Milwaukee

Doug’s VPID Take – Lean Atlanta

CBB – Saturday - (517) ST. PETER’S at (518) TEXAS STATE 5:00 ET

Not exactly a marquee matchup on Saturday, but this CIT quarterfinal has attracted enough attention to have bettors checking the total out and lifted it from 116.5 to 119. Both teams on the season have an average total score in the 120′s and while St. Peter’s has a tendency to play in lower scoring affairs (16-10 UNDER), they still average 8 three-pointers a game and Texas State is 8-1 OVER after playing two consecutive games as a home favorite.

Betting Trend – 66% backing Over

Doug’s VPID Take – Play Over


Public Consensus Record (2017) – 51% to 79% – 68-82-2 ATS

Public Consensus Record (2017) – 80% or Higher – 30-40-1 ATS

Line Movement Direction Record (2017) – 102-118-3 ATS

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Today brings a little bit of everything for line moves from the Sweet 16, the NBA and action on the ice. Take a minute to review all the betting trends and our free picks (34-17-1 of late), to see what we are thinking. See you back here tomorrow.

CBB – (813) MICHIGAN vs. (814) OREGON 7:05 ET CBS

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.com		One could almost get the impression Michigan is being guided by something other than just playing good basketball. Since their airplane accident, the Wolverines have been playing at level which they had not all season and now they are acquiring additional backers, having gone from a Pick to -1.5 against Oregon in the Sweet 16. While it is a terrific story, this is the best team the Wolverines will have faced in this magical seven-game winning streak and the Ducks have the right mixture of defense and star power to knock off Michigan.

Betting Trend – 64% backing Michigan

Doug’s VPID TakeLean Oregon

CBB – (815) WEST VIRGINIA vs. (816) GONZAGA 7:35 ET  TBS

The question about this contest is can Gonzaga handle 40 minutes of “Press” Virginia? The Mountaineers are 8-1 OVER against teams that average 12 or less turnovers a game, averaging 80 PPG and this is one of the lead reasons why the total jumped from 147 to 149.5. But what happens if the Zags do not give up easy baskets and their defense, which is even better from a statistical profile, contains West Virginia’s half court offense? Not an easy call, but I’ll side this game will go OVER, as both teams have mostly shot the orange well the last couple weeks and we will reach 150 points.

Betting Trend – 56% backing Over

Doug’s VPID TakeLean Over


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NBA – (801) TORONTO at (802) MIAMI 7:05 ET  SN1, SUN

Thought-provoking line move based on how both teams are playing in particular roles. Anyone making NBA picks realizes Miami has been as good as any team since Jan. 17th, posting a sensational 23-6 and 24-5 ATS record. Toss is the Heat are 14-4 SU and ATS on the season as home favorites and them heating up from -3 to -4.5 is very sensible. But before we lay out the cash, consider Toronto is 11-6 ATS as road underdog, losing by just 3.1 PPG. Love to make a case to take the points but with purple dinosaurs, but as Joey from the Bronx, who now lives in West Palm Beach might say, “fogettabouttit”.

Betting Trend – 60% backing Miami

Doug’s VPID Take – Miami covers


Massive showdown in the NHL with two of the best teams in the league, who happen to be in the same division and are trying desperately to finish first in the Metropolitan to avoid potential nightmare first round series. Washington was cruising and looked like a lock to win division, but a four-game losing streak brought them back to Pittsburgh and Columbus and now the battle is on. The Capitals have gone on to win three of four, but the Blue Jackets have been steadily been gaining ground with 7-2 record and could tie the Caps with a regulation victory. Oddly, this is the third straight matchup in Washington and the Capitals have been beefed up from -160 to -180 on the money line. Though Columbus is impressive 10-2 revenging a shutout loss, the Caps have won 17 of 19 times on home ice.

Betting Trend – 98% backing Washington

Doug’s VPID Take - Lean Washington


Public Consensus Record (2017) – 51% to 79% – 68-79-2 ATS

Public Consensus Record (2017) – 80% or Higher – 29-40-1 ATS

Line Movement Direction Record (2017) – 101-115-3 ATS

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It used to be so simple, the NHL Playoffs from 1993-94 through 2013 had the Eastern and Western Conference teams ranked 1 to 8 based on regular season record and reseeded after each round.

Starting with the 2013-14 season, the NHL went to more divisional method, similar to what they had from 1983 thru 1993 for the Stanley Cup playoffs, with a little twist. The reason it was changed after 1993 was because if one particular division was loaded with outstanding teams, their initial path was much harder to advance, while a team that was weaker could reach the Conference Finals having faced much easier competition.

Last year, St. Louis finish 3rd in total points and Chicago was tied for 5th overall, yet because they finished in 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the Central Division, they played in the first round of the playoffs.

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.com		This year the scene shifts to the Metropolitan Division where presently Washington, Pittsburgh and Columbus have the most points in the NHL and whoever does not finish in first place will have to play each other in the first round, knocking out one the best teams this early.

There is growing sentiment this is bad for hockey. “It’s stupid. It’s the stupidest thing ever,” Capitals forward Daniel Winnik said. “It doesn’t work. It doesn’t make sense.”

Your reward for being among the best teams for 82 games is to play a virtual equal is ridiculous. I asked fellow handicapper Sean Higgs, who is having another fantastic season, up +20 units, about this. “Terrible, stupid”, Sean said. “This completely diminishes regular season accomplishments. Betting hockey in the Stanley Cup is completely different and harder than the regular season. Then you add in a potential matchup like the champs in the Penguins having to face the Blue Jackets in the opening round, crazy!”

So when you are looking over the NHL odds to make your NHL picks for the playoffs and cannot find hardly any edge, thank the brilliant people running the league.


Sean Higgs is the No.2 handicapper in the NHL at SportsCapping.com and you can get his daily Best Bets at www.vegasproinsiderdaily.com

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Back in the saddle today and we have very rare day of three NBA games with significant sides action for line moves. Also have a large totals move in the NIT going tonight. Take a minute to review all the betting trends and our free picks (31-16-1 of late), to see what we are thinking. See you back here tomorrow.

NBA – (751) CHARLOTTE at (752) ORLANDO 7:05 ET  FSSE, FSFL

With both Eastern Conference teams winning twice after losing streaks, the important money is backing Charlotte on the road, who went from -4 to -5.5 at Orlando. The concern about the Magic is despite a high volume of shot attempts, their accuracy is leaves something to be desired, having shot under 41 percent or less in five of their past seven outings. While the Hornets could definitely sting anyone making NBA picks, teams like Orlando as home underdogs, revenging a road loss of 20 points or more, off a close home win by three points or less, are 6-26 ATS.

Betting Trend – 54% backing Charlotte

Doug’s VPID TakeLean Charlotte


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NBA – (753) INDIANA at (754) BOSTON 7:35 ET  FSMW, CSN-NE

www.vegasproinsidersdaily.com		Though Indiana has oddly alternated wins and losses in their past 15 contests (the last was a win), they are drawing support in what could be a losing situation for them. The Pacers have gone down from +8.5 to +7 in spite of the fact they are 11-24 and 13-22 ATS away from home. Though Boston has the better club and is at home, the recent seven-game history of this series has only seen a spread as high of four points, with most of the outcomes within reason and no blowouts. While it seem risky to be giving a touchdown, Indy is 3-12 ATS in road games off a home win this season, losing by 10.5 PPG.

Betting Trend – 59% backing Indiana

Doug’s VPID TakeLean Boston

NBA – (755) DETROIT at (756) CHICAGO 8:05 ET  FSD, WGN (local)

With neither of these Central Division teams playing well in the last couple weeks, it was eyebrow rising to see the Detroit shifted from +1.5 to -1.5 versus Chicago on the road. The Pistons have dropped four of five and are a pathetic 11-23 and 12-22 ATS in the traveling uniforms. The Bulls might have covered four of past five contests, but at whatever number they would fall in this range, they do not exactly inspire confidence with recent 2-8 SU mark. Probably best to leave this game alone, but if you must wager, know that Detroit is 4-15 ATS when the line is +3 to -3 this season.

Betting Trend – 66% backing Detroit

Doug’s VPID Take – Slight lean Chicago


Cal-State Bakersfield was won two games outright on the NIT road thanks to playing outstanding defense like they have all year. The Roadrunners have held opposing teams to 63.1 PPG on just 37 percent shooting. Those betting college basketball are unsure CSB can keep it going. Why I say this is despite the side action being rather stable, the total has jumped from 138 to 143.5, which would seem to favor UT-Arlington, who averages 85 PPG at home. However, Bakersfield has played four consecutive OVER’s in spite of playing great defense, but the highest total has been 135.5, nothing close to this number.

Betting Trend – 78% backing Over

Doug’s VPID Take - Lean Under


Public Consensus Record (2017) – 51% to 79% – 66-77-2 ATS

Public Consensus Record (2017) – 80% or Higher – 29-40-1 ATS

Line Movement Direction Record (2017) – 99-113-3 ATS

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